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Phantom Kickboxing located in Shorewood, Illinois offers cardio kickboxing classes and self defense kickboxing/Muay Thai classes. Contact us for more information.


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Words can't describe how moving this story is. Glory is amazing! This is what it's all about. This is what motivates me to come in day after day and see my Phantom family crush their goals and change their lives for the better. Have a great weekend everyone! #TEAMPHANTOM #changinglives
" I was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor which caused weakness in the left side of my body. During my recovery I was in a wheelchair for many months, doctor said I would never walk again, and was in rehabilations for years. Thank God for faith and a second chance of life! Over the years I was able to walk again, but I have struggle to strenghten my body.

I had a desire to improve my mobility and lose weight, but I attempted to try out some cardio classes. Since I could not keep up with the classes they kick me out. However, I found Phantom Kickboxing and Fitness, and Christmas came early for me this year. These guys are awesome! They have taken the time to work with all my disabilities, now I have lost over 23 lbs, inches, and stronger then before my injuries. God has blessed me to walk again, and it was a blessing when I walked into the doors of Phantom Kickboxing. " - Glory
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It's core day at Phantom! Great job 10 am class! 🔥 ... See MoreSee Less

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