Programs we offer:
Cardio kickboxing classes and self defense kickboxing/Muay Thai.


Phantom Knee



Cardio Kickboxing
Tone up fast with our cardio kickboxing classes! These classes are completely non-contact and consist of fun, high energy kickboxing rounds on our bags. Kickboxing provides a great full body workout while learning the basic techniques of kickboxing. No experience is necessary! Our highly trained instructors will work with you and ensure you get a great workout!


SELF DEFENSE Kickboxing/Muay Thai
Students will focus on the techniques of kickboxing and Muay Thai. Phantom welcomes students no matter what your experience, fitness, or training goals are. There is always opportunities for competitions as well. We will teach students to kick, punch and use their knees as striking tools. Students will learn to hold pads for their partners and learn to throw different combinations in a safety first environment. This program is coached by highly international ranked fighters, we can guarantee you will learn the best techniques and skills around.