Jessica Flores

Fitness Kickboxing Program

As someone who has played rugby for 9 years, gone to personal trainers and done cross fit training here and there I was quite confident walking into Phantom Kickboxing the first day. Confident I didn’t just bite off more than I could chew and that the work outs would be nothing I wasn’t already accustom to. I was wrong on so many levels.
It wasn’t that I wasn’t able to handle what the trainers had us do, but that I hadn’t been motivated to work as hard as I did.

Everything at Phantom is at your own pace, which having coaches and trainers yell at you all your life this was a huge change of pace for me, I  wasn’t used to being encouraged to push myself. The classes are great for the toughest of athletes to the elderly and beginners. The team at Phantom is knowledgeable and some of the best people I’ve worked with. I’ve lost 15 lbs and gained muscle in places I’ve never had in my entire life. The first couple  months are rough. You’re tired, your shoulders are on fire and your abs still can’t figure out what hit them, but the best thing you can do for yourself  is keep coming back.



Fitness Kickboxing Program

I started Phantom early last year. I was at another gym and it just was not doing anything for me. I was bored and I  wasn’t motivated to go. I was looking for a class atmosphere that I could go to a couple times a week. I ran across Phantom,  by accident,  just passing by. My son and I decided to do a free Cardio class. We ended up signing up that day because we both loved it. It was exactly what we were looking for.
My first goal was to maintain my weight, gain muscle and increase my reps for sit ups/push ups and improve my overall cardiovascular fitness. The trainers are fantastic.  Axel, Nick and Rob are very patient. They help with modifications if needed and show you proper form and correct techniques to avoid injury.  I have never ever felt out of place and feel as if I belong. Everyone is so warm and inviting. I actually started looking forward to going each day. Within weeks, my goal was achieved.
Around August I moved on to my next goal to lose weight. My goal was to attend class a minimum of 4 times a week and keep up with good nutrition and drinking plenty of water. Axel, Nick and Rob have great suggestions when it comes to nutrition and can help you get back on track when you feel overwhelmed. Within 6 months I’m down 38lbs and feel the best I’ve even felt in my life. For an extra challenge I started doing the boot camp class Mon and Wed with Rob. It’s definitely a challenge but it’s something I felt  I needed to continue with my weight loss goal.
Axel, Nick and Rob are not just instructors that tell you what to do during class or just watch you. They actually do the classes. They do not have you do anything they would not do themselves. Many times I see them doing their own workout whether it’s Cardio or Muay Thai. Little do they know that without their support/persistence/pushing I could have not done it without them. They don’t mind it when I roll my eyes or stick my tongue out when I think they are crazy for telling me to do something I didn’t think I could but end up doing it anyways and surprising myself. I’ve come a long way from day 1 from huffing and puffing to now wanting to go that extra round.
Phantom has something for everyone young and old(er).  There are kids classes, Cardio class, Muay Thai and Boot Camp classes to try. All are fantastic. It’s up to you on what you feel like doing that day or what your goals are. I look forward to continuing my weight loss goals and making new ones.